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How to build an enclosure for a portable generator?

If you’re like most people, you probably use your portable generator to supply backup power during a power outage. But what happens when the weather turns bad and you can’t keep your generator outdoors? That’s where a portable generator enclosure comes in handy.

If you use a portable generator, you know how important it is to keep it in a weather-proof enclosure. A properly-enclosed generator will keep you safe and your equipment running in bad weather. So the question is portable generator users is that how to build an enclosure for a portable generator?

Now you don’t need to worry because you can choose from our easy generator protection plans. We will cover everything in this ultimate guide to help you build an enclosure for your portable generator quickly and easily.

How to build an enclosure for a portable generator?

How to build an enclosure for a portable generator?

You can decide to build an enclosure for your generator in various ways. And here are some easy ways to build the portable generator enclosure

  • Using Plywood (3/4″) Around The Frame Of Your Generator
  • The first way is using plywood around the frame of your generator. This approach is pretty basic and straightforward. And this is the easiest way to build a generator enclosure.
  • Using Corrugated Metal Sheeting To Build An Enclosure Around Your Generator

Another way to build an enclosure for your portable generator is using corrugated metal sheeting. This approach might be harder than the first way we talked about since only more experienced DIYers can do it properly.

But if you want some differences and uniqueness, then go with this way. It’s not that hard too if you follow some detailed guidelines step by step and carefully.

If you’ve decided or considering building an enclosure for your generator, I suggest you read our ultimate guide on how to build an enclosure for a portable generator right away. Let me walk you through all the things you need to know before building an enclosure for your generator.

Types of Portable Generator Enclosures

Several different types of generator enclosures will fit your needs. You can take a look at the following list to have an idea about the available options.

  • Portable Enclosure for Generator-Types
  • Here is a list of some portable enclosures for generator types.
  • Generator Trailer or Cart Portable Shelter for Your Generator

These come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. They offer a solid metal frame with one fabric panel making up each side and a fabric top. And these carts also come with wheels making them easy to move around no matter where you need to set them up.

However, some people would prefer not to put their generators on wheels because they worry the generator might get stolen if someone decided to push it away with a cart.

Portable Cabin Enclosure for Generator

This type of portable generator enclosure is perfect for those who want to protect their generator and make it easily accessible at the same time. Plus, if you don’t like dealing with the wind and rain, then this will be your best choice.

It’s also cheaper than most other enclosure types available in the market. However, these cabins are heavy and bulky which makes them difficult to move around.

Industrial Grade Metal Shed Portable Enclosure For Your Generator

These industrial-grade metal sheds are made from an all-weather tough galvanized steel frame that provides superior strength against corrosion or rusting, even during long-term use outdoors. And these heavy-duty metal sheds can last longer than other types.

Portable Car Port Enclosures for Your Generator

This type of portable generator enclosure is perfect if you want your generator protected from the sun. And this carport enclosure features a full GoreTex cover which allows free airflow at the same time keeps out the rain and wind.

However, it’s more expensive than some other options on this list. Furthermore, they’re on wheels which means that anyone can push them away easily like the generator carts we talked about earlier.

Features to Look When Buying Portable Generator Enclosure

If you’ve decided to buy one of the portable generators enclosures we covered in this article, there are some important features to take into consideration when buying one:

1) Price:

This is an important factor that affects the buying decision of a lot of people. There are some cheap or affordable portable generator enclosures and there are also some expensive ones on the market. So, you need to find one within your budget range.

2) Steel Gauge:

The thicker the walls and frame of the enclosure, the stronger it will be. In this way, it can resist harsh weather conditions outside- wind, rain, snow, or sun exposure. But keep in mind that heavy gauge steel also makes those portable generator enclosures very bulky and heavy as well which makes them more difficult to move around if necessary.

3) Security:

It’s pretty much common sense that we’re not trying to build a haven for thieves and trespassers. So, you will need to choose a portable generator enclosure with the most secure lock and closure system possible. For this reason, we recommend that you go for metal enclosures with strong door locks and window protection features such as locked hinges or keyed latches.

4) Portability:

How easy it is for you to set up and take down your portable generator when it’s time to move somewhere else? What about wheels- do they come with the enclosure you’re planning to buy? These are important questions that should be considered before buying a portable generator enclosure.


Now you should have a good idea about how it all works. We believe that you’re very excited to buy one of the best portable generator enclosures for yourself now.. so don’t waste your time go and order one.


Q 1) What is the main difference between a carport and a metal shed?

Carports are made up of lightweight material which makes them easy to set up, take down, and move around. Metal sheds on the other hand are heavy-duty which means that these enclosures can last longer than other types.

Q 2) Which portable generator enclosure do you recommend I buy?

It depends on your personal preference. Each type of portable generator enclosure has its pros and cons. So, once again it’s important for you to consider all factors before making a long-term investment like this one.. good luck with your decision!

Q 3) Will my generator be stolen if someone tries to push it away by hand?

The portable generator cart options we covered in this article all come with locking wheels which means that they can’t be pushed by anyone without the proper equipment. However, if you’re buying a carport enclosure for your generator, it’s important to choose one with a sturdy lock and closure system. Otherwise, it could be easily broken into.

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